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Change Bike Icons in Default DNN 6 Dark Knight Skin

Especially with "big change" versions of DotNetNuke, I always like to fiddle with and get acquainted with the default skin before launching out with massive customization. I had to post this right away, because I spent about 45 minutes trying to fin...

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What is that red shadow at the top of the DNN 6 DarkKnight Skin?

Along the same lines of my previous post, I've been deconstructing the new default Dark Knight Skin for DotNetNuke. Among other things, I couldn't figure out where that red shadowy / gradient image was coming from at the top of the page. Didn't t...

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Embedding MailChimp Form in DotNetNuke, BVCommerce, or most ASP.NET websites.

A client of ours has an eCommerce website built on asp.net. He wanted a MailChimp email newsletter sign-up form on his site. Here's an example of the solution that ended up working.

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How to add HTML and other code snippets to a Website built with DotNetNuke

An easy solution and workaround that, well... works.



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