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The ZolMedia Formula

Innovative Design + Cutting-Edge Technology + Smart Business Strategies = Client Success

ZolMedia Web Design is an innovative and experienced web design firm in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, specializing in customized website services.

In 1998, Kevin and Shelly Zollman created a different kind of website development company. Their goal has always been to serve clients better than the other guys. Sure, they create great websites, but they also work timelessly to improve your business's bottom line.

Over the past decade, we have watched other website companies and ad agencies come and go, and we've studied them to improve upon their mistakes. Many of them offered great design and technical services, but they lacked a key foundation to client success. They were building websites with great design and technology, but they weren't helping their clients' businesses prosper.

Without improving the client's bottom line, the formula for success (both yours and ours) doesn't work.

Client Success = Our Success

We know that our success depends on your success, so we are highly motivated to identify your goals and help you achieve them. That's how we're different. We use the ZolMedia Formula to ensure your success:

Innovative Design
+ Cutting-Edge Technology
+ Smart Business Strategies
 = Client Success

The first step we take will be meeting with you to identify and help you develop realistic goals for your online presence. Over the years we have helped clients to:

  • Increase traffic to their site with effective SEO strategies
  • Maximize marketing budgets with cost-effective web marketing campaigns
  • Improve website usability so customers stay longer and take action
  • Save money on outdated marketing techniques by invigorating them with modern approaches
  • Expand their market to a national audience
  • Convert more visitors into actual customers
  • Reduce staffing costs by letting the website take care of many time-consuming tasks

For more examples, or to create your own goals and objectives, Contact ZolMedia!

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