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Starter Website (Z-start)

Our customers have been asking for a more affordable website solution - and here it is! Not everyone needs (or can afford) a full-featured, custom designed website. ZolMedia's Z-Start Website Package is the budget-friendly alternative to get your business online.

Why Choose a Z-Start Package?

Affordable. If a custom designed website isn't in your budget right now, that's OK! The affordable Z-Start package will get you up and running, and if and when you're ready to upgrade, you'll receive a discount for being a loyal ZolMedia customer.

For information about the Z-Start, please visit our companion website,

Z-Start versus CMS (Advanced Content Management System)





Full Customized Design    Yep
Limited Customized Design Yep  


User registration/subscription capability   Yep
Roles/Permissions for users (staff/visitors)   Yep
Open Source Technology   Yep
Proprietary Technology Yep  

MODULES (special features)

Announcements/Press Releases   Yep
Built-in Calendar Yep* Yep
FAQ Yep* Yep
Feedback   Yep
Forum   Yep
File & Document Manager   Yep
Help   Yep
RSS Reader   Yep
Site Search   Yep
Surveys/Polls   Yep
Customizable Blog   Yep
Integrated Blog Yep* Yep
Forums   Yep
Banner Advertising   Yep
Photo Gallery Yep* Yep
Slide Show   Yep
Customized Forms   Yep
Portfolio   Yep
Postcard Manager   Yep
Guestbook Yep* Yep
Employee Directory   Yep
Printable Coupons   Yep
Ratings or Reviews   Yep
Image or Content Rotator   Yep
Much Moreā€¦!   Yep

* Limited Customization

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