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TechVille is a monthly column written by Kevin Zollman of ZolMedia.com and also published in the Coeur d'Alene Press' North Idaho Business Journal.

December, 2008Flash & graphics-intensive web sites are often invisible to search engines
September, 2008What web designers can learn from architects
August, 2008Magical Mystery (Web Marketing & Maintenance Fees) Tour
July, 2008How to interview a web design firm
July, 2008Is your website fast and furious?
June, 2008In touch with your inner usability expert
May, 2008Business websites that hijack speakers
October, 2005Shopping Carts: High-end, 3rd-party components or "roll-your-own" programming
August, 2005Who should build your website? Ad agency or specialized web designer?
May, 2005Kevin's Web Rant #1: Don't Cause me Pain!
April, 2005.COM, .ORG, or .NET?
March, 2005Find out who is visiting your site with Web Stats!
February, 2005ECommerce Overview
December, 2004Changing Email Addresses
(The painless way to switch from an old email address to a new one).
November, 2004Web Design & Development Tools
(Overview of the wide variety of programs used to create web pages)
October, 2004Website Servers: Windows (IIS) vs. Linux (Apache)
September, 2004intranets: A private website for your company
August, 2004Template-generated websites - are they for you?
(Should you create an inexpensive, do-it-yourself site, pay a professional for a custom site, or use something that's in between the two?)
July, 2004"WHOIS" the legal owner of your website's address?
June, 2004Spam 201 - Filtering spam out of your Inbox
May, 2004Spam 101 - Don't let the cat out of the bag! (Protecting your email address from spammers)
April, 2004FearOfCamelNotation (Using capital & small letters in web & email addresses)
March, 2004Spyware - the bandwidth bandits
January, 2004Website rankings - Can you really be #1 in Google?
December, 2003Searching the web - road map or black hole?
November, 2003Ahoy Matey! Are You a (software) pirate?
September, 2003This virus was so "So Big" of a sneak
August, 2003The two cardinal mistakes of email
July, 2003Anti-virus programs
June, 2003Virus basics
May, 2003Networking basics
April, 2003Does your e-mail address make your ISP a permanent business partner?
March, 2003ISPs and Web Hosts and Domains, oh my!
February, 2003"White box," mail order or retailer? Where's the best place to buy a computer?
January, 2003Tame your inbox - managing your email (general guidelines for spam)!
December, 2002Intro to Palms for business folks
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