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Our Process

One of the best reasons to hire us is because of our accessibility. We'll always tell you the what, why, when, and how (including how much). Because each client is unique, each process is unique. We document the plan, tasks, and timeline, and publish it in our interactive online project management tool. You can go online at any time to see what's happening in your project and stay involved in the process.

What can you expect in a typical project?

STAGE 1: FREE Consultation with ZolMedia

We'll meet to discuss your business objectives and how ZolMedia can help to achieve your online goals. We'll talk about what you want, what you need, and how to get your company where it should be.

The free consultation serves two important purposes:

We will learn what you want and what you need so we can recommend the best services for your budget.

You get to pick our brains for an hour so you can make sure you feel comfortable with us.

Customized Web Strategy

After the meeting, we'll send you a free summary of your Web Strategy. You can also purchase the full version that will include specific recommendations (even tasks you can do yourself and how to do it) to improve your online presence and accomplish your business objectives.

If you hire ZolMedia, you'll receive the full version of your Customized Internet Strategy absolutely free.

STAGE 2: Custom Design

Your website needs to exhibit your company personality and branding, and this is accomplished through innovative and effective design. In this stage, we create a customized design, so your company branding will grow stronger and more effective.

With a personalized design, we will help you distinguish your company from the competition.

STAGE 3: Develop

This is the meat of your web project. The Development Phase includes back-end development, content development, design integration, and other development features that are related to your specific project.

You'll get all the features you want, and you won't have to do any of the tricky technical work.

STAGE 4: Launch

After extensive testing (browsers, resolutions, spelling, grammar, functionality, etc), we launch your website to the world. This is the really exciting part.

STAGE 5: Monitor

Once your website is launched, we want to ensure that it accomplishes your online goals. In the Monitor Phase we measure your objectives and report back how well your site is doing. We'll make recommendations as needed.

STAGE 6: Market

Once your website is launched, we want to make sure your audience finds it. Learn more about our Web Marketing Services.

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